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For General Forum Rules, please refer to the "SPORTS CARDS & MEMORABILIA FORUM."

B/S/T Forum Rules:

Rule 1) Only bump your post once per day.
Rule 2) Sellers: Please edit your thread to reflect any items as "sold."
Rule 3) Please do not clutter the Forum with multiple threads. Keep it simple and neat – one thread for buying and one for selling (per member).
Rule 4) Be smart about your transaction(s). This forum is merely a venue we make available for independent sellers and buyers, but CU is not responsible for what does and/or does not happen during your exchange.
Rule 5) The B/S/T forum is NOT to be used by any company, dealer or auction house for advertising purposes. If you would like additional advertising space on this site, please contact our Advertising Department by calling 800-325-1121.
Rule 6) The B/S/T forum is for the sale/trade/buy of collectible items as such and "not" a discussion forum. The Trading Card and Memorabilia Forum is best suited for those kinds of threads.

We appreciate your cooperation!

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