$2 USN 1928-D Non-Mule BA block not in PCGS Registry listing FR-1505 Non Mule

Just received my first 15 notes back from PCGS grading after joining the collector's club and started to add them to the PCGS Registry set. For one note, I could not locate it in the possible entries and I had to suggest an ADD to the notes that are possible;

FR-1505 1928D $2 USN Red Seal from the B-A block with back plate 293, a Non Mule variety.


  • I agree that the $2 1928D B-A block non mule should have it's own category. The $2 1928D B-A non mules are part of the same story with the $2 1928C mules. Actually the census shows that the $2 1928D B-A non mules are scarcer than the $2 1928C mules.
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