Charmy's 2011 SAN DIEGO COINARAMA Show Report w/Pics!

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I drove down to San Diego on Friday afternoon so I wouldn't have that far to drive to the show on Saturday morning - plus of course, I was staying at Barona Casino and wanted to make sure I had some extra time to play poker! Barona is a very nice Indian casino, however, they do not serve alcohol on the casino floor, only at the restaurants - which can be a good thing since I ended up winning quite a bit by the end of the night!

I got to the show about 7:30 am on Saturday morning for set up, which went smoothly, though I was by myself so it took me longer. There was quite a few people waiting in line so the show started out with a strong buzz and was quite busy all day on Saturday. I took a few photos during the show but it was late in the day so the floor looks a little sparse compared to how full it was earlier in the day.






I saw quite a few forum members on Saturday, including (of course) Wei, some of who were mostly lurkers. I also finally got to meet NoTwilight - a very nice and friendly guy and an avid golfer! (darn, I forgot to take his picture for my report!). Also chattted with Chris/ErrorsOnCoins for a bit, he's very enthusiastic and I think he really enjoyed doing his first show and is looking forward to setting up at the Long Beach show too.


Many people were very intrigued by my 9 planchet error that I had on display


And this little group of raw errors were also very popular.


A large group of scouts were at the show doing their Coin Collecting Merit Badge so, since I have two Eagle Scouts myself, I was very pleased to see them working very diligently on their merit badge, and even had some of them pose for my report!


I also had a few customers particularly interested in finding an 1864-L Indian cent but they were having a really hard time locating the "L" on the coin, so I usually carry this card with me that shows a closeup of the "L" which helps them locate exactly where it is.


On Saturday night after the show, an Italian dealer friend who lives in San Diego had a BBQ at his house. Leo did an excellent job manning the bbq - all the food was very yummy!


I contributed this bottle of wine which was appropriately called "Three Coins"!


My nephew and his wife live in San Diego and they just had the first grandbaby in my family, so of course I had to stop by and see the little cutey - her name is Aurora and she is absolutely adorable!


And some of you may remember my niece who helped me at the Tucson show last year - she also lives in San Diego and was visiting her brother, and made us a scrumptious dinner too!


Now I'm getting ready to head to Shaver Lake with a large group of our friends for some much needed rest, relaxation, sunning, boating, eating and drinking (ok, these last two are probably not "much needed" but will be much welcomed!). Then it will be off to the Chicago ANA!!!!
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    Thank you for posting!
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  • Very nice post. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Right Coasters (actually Lower Right Coast). Y'all come again now you hear.


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    Very nice report Charmy, and your photos help make us feel like we're right there. That nine planchet error is definitely intriguing. And hey! To top it all off, all of your materials are nicely color co-ordinated in cool reds and yellows! image

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    AWESOME !!
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    Child, you are the greatest. I truly do love your pics.
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    Thanks for the post, very cool multi coin error, like a piece of artwork.
    Chris/ErrorsOnCoins, must have been into that one.
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    You always make a coin show into a ton of fun with different visits, food, wine etc. Very cool. So, how much for the 9 planchet error? Sent me a PM if it is for sale. image
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  • Great report! I like that the BoyScouts were there. This is something the numismatic community should push hard on.
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    Great report Charmy.... never tried that wine... more into Cabernet... but a Petite Syrah can be quite nice.... Cheers, RickO
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    Thanks for the report. I always enjoy the pics.
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    << <i>Thanks for the report. I always enjoy the pics. >>

    Me too!
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    Thanks, Charmy - great report - now, I got to find that wine !!

    Mike Hayes
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    Thanks for sharing....
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    One of my favorite show reporters.image

    Thanks for taking the time to post and for all the pics.

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    Great report and photos!
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    that looks like alotta fun image
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    awesome report.......especially your 1864-L coin brain just got bigger, thanks!
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    Was that wine any good or did it turn out to be Dreck?
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    Nice report and pics. Looks like you know how to have a good time at EVERY show.

    awesome report.......especially your 1864-L coin brain just got bigger, thanks!

    IHC?? image
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  • Charmy great stuff as usual. Thanks for posting! image
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    Thanks everyone! I am very pleased that you all still appreciate my pictorial reports!!

    thisnamztaken: how astute of you to notice my color coordination efforts (I think it's a girl thing)!

    curly: I think you are the greatest too!

    keyman64: thanks for asking, but sorry, that 9 planchet error is in my personal collection so it's not for sale

    ricko: petite syrah's can be very tasty too, I have several different ones that I like, but I agree that cabs are even better!

    WestySteve: I too am always pleased when the boys scouts show up at shows, they are always an enthusiastic bunch of boys!

    Lakesammman: I do love coin shows, both as much for the coins as well as the "after hour" events!

    19Lyds: I never got to try the Three Coins wine - I gave it as a gift and they didn't open it at the party, but instead we had some very sweet freshly squeezed orange juice with (of course) vodka - WOW, that was the best screwdriver I EVER had!
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    Another kool post Charmy, & thanks for sharing those pics... image
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    I'll admit I like Charmy's show reports and even though I was there the pictures are always fun to look at.

    It's amazing how a few pictures and some clever anecdotes can make the most craptacular coin shows of the year seem like the place everyone wants to be.
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    I like the pictures of Charmy the most.
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    << <i>I like the pictures of Charmy the most. >>

    image image
    Charmy Harker - The Penny Lady®
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    I truly look forward to these reports! Great job, Charmy!!

    Larry L.

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    << <i>I like the pictures of Charmy the most. >>

    Oh dear...
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    As always Charmy did a great report on the San Diego 54th Coinarama and my very first show as a dealer.

    I met my goals that I set out for the show.

    I wanted to respond earlier, but ebay had a 1 cent listing sale on Tuesday so I photographed and listed errors all day on ebay on Tuesday.

    Then yesterday, we went out and bought a second kayak (one of the goals of the coin show) and went out and saw dolphins, sea lions went through an awesome huge sea cave and went in and out of the surf with my wife and two kids. What an awesomw day and it was funded from the coin show image

    I wanted to thank my daughter Sierra for helping me .... here we are ...


    One of the goals reached .... image

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