FSHO: 2000 Sacagawea Wounded Eagle PCGS MS66

2000 P Sacagawea Dollar PCGS MS66 - Wounded Eagle Variety

This Pop 23 rarity will certainly grow in value over time with only 3 MS67 higher. There are only 87 Wounded Eagles in all grades The MS population has stabilized and will not likely increase more than a few coins in all.

This is the one and only coin needed to grow from a Sacagawea Major Varieties Registry Set to a Complete Varieties Registry Set - adding to its value. It also has a 5X multiplier for set rating.

I don't currently see any PCGS Wounded Eagles for sale on ebay, Teletrade or Heritage - likely meaning that dealer stock is now depleted and the large number for sale late last year have been absorbed into permanent collections.

Price $3,500 including registered mail shipping.

PM with interest.



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    Cool coin. Do you know where these coins were found? Circulation, mint set, rolls, ect?
  • I dont know the whole story, but this appears to be the result of a die defect that had a short run only. Most of the coins ended up in Michigan, where two dealers got many of them certified and on the market.

    Here is the PCGS population data:

    147883 2000-P SAC$1 Wounded Eagle FS-901

    AU58 - 8
    MS62 - 6
    MS63 - 3
    MS64 - 21
    MS65 - 23
    MS66 - 23
    MS67 - 3

    Total Coins Certified 87
  • Most were found in rolls from a bank in Maryland. I found more than 1/2 the total pop from all companies. They are all at other homes now.
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