Value of star notes?

I'm more of a coin guy, so i know nothing about paper money except that i check my change for odd errors or star notes.

The $2 1976 was given to me 10 years ago. The 2003-A was received in change a few days ago. Both have one small crease down the center.

I realize it's maybe not much more than face, but just curious.

Also, does anyone know what the '33 50 reichsmark would go for? It was given to me also about 10 years ago.



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    The 2003a star is worth $1 as it is from a run of 3.2 million (F 00000001 * F 03200000 *)

    the '76 deuce is from a run of 1.28 million (A 000 00001 * - A 01280000 *) and not one of the scarcer runs (I or J) - it might fetch a couple bucks over face.

    as for the other note, I have absolutly no clue.
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  • Thanks, i'll be hanging onto them anyway even if they aren't worth much.

    But curious about the German 1933 note

  • << <i>Thanks, i'll be hanging onto them anyway even if they aren't worth much. >>

    Thats exactly what I do. Save star notes now (even if they're common) because eventually they'll be worth something to someone.

    Rarity of a star note has a couple factors: age, condition, and run size. Age and condition are both pretty obvious to figure out, but run size is a bit different. The less notes printed in a run of star notes, the more valuable the bill is worth. You can lookup star note run sizes via the tables of or this automatic lookup tool (made it myself). It has data from 1977 to date. This data includes run sizes, run numbers, months notes were printed, total # of stars per FRB, etc. Enjoy!

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