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How was everyone's year collecting wise ?

For me, not only was this one of the toughest years of my life, but also one of the slowest ever collecting wise.

I did not purchase my first note until April, despite working my but off all Winter.

The first note I purchased was a $5 SC 1934A star A in CCU64Q. This note is the lowest known 1934A in CU, and less than 400,000 from the lowest ever known.

Nothing in May (which is usually one of my biggest months).

June brought me a $10 1934 D star mule in Fine (low end fine). I talked with a well known long term collector of FRN's, and he has only recorded TWO in existence. He is also missing this note in his extensive collection !

The Summer was a cruel one collecting wise.

Next note did not come until October, at the Manchester NH coin show. I picked up a GEM $1 1935D NARROW star B, from a rare 1950 range (serial under *71000000B), with serial starting with *62xxxxxxB.

November brought a $20 1934C New Back K star in EF (second finest known), and December was a very kind month, with a MEGA rare note.

December brought a VF 1934C A star, bringing the tally to three known !

Though only five notes were able to be purchased, they were all winning notes.

The biggest loss I took was loosing out on a $5 1934 A star DGS NON mule in VF+ ! OUCH.

Once I get myself straight, I am going gang busters on notes ! Take that to the bank !

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