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US Veteran Going Blind Right Now In Life Selling Everything

To whom it may concern I'm a disabled veteran ex Army Ranger starting to go blind in my life right now so I am selling my entire collection of vintage and modern sports cards, video games, and we'll as stamps they belong to my wife Kristina and we have US Stamps and Forgien Stamps. And I have a few unopened packs as well as boxes available for sale. I will tell you this much I am willing to accept all reasonable priced offers for everything I have in my entire collection. So please send me your offers thank you.





These are Google file Link to everything I have within my entire collection for sale so if you guys want to buy anything from me I accept payments through PayPal invoice only. I have free shipping fees through PayPal invoice only. And we'll you can see for yourself this stuff here is not worthless by the long shot right. Well the link below is everything I no longer have in my collection and I just want to share with you guys here. So I notified a few auction houses win video game grading first opened with WATA GAME GRADING COMPANY. And they couldn't house my inventory because they couldn't keep track of it they said they asked me if they can forward my email to Heritage auctions I then told him yeah I sure go ahead after doing this a person who works for Heritage named Brian Nicolette says to me and I quote sir aren't you a disabled veteran yes I am I said to him. And he said to me we'll have to have a single video game in your collection valued at $50,000. I don't see anything in your collection that has any value at all. So focus on getting better and stop by and junk and maybe one day you have something cool! I have the email confirming exactly what I just said as proof not only just that but, I remember emailing CGC when the pandemic first happened asking them out of the comic book collection I used to own which would be a good choice for me to send in to get graded but I can sell for the most money I have in my collections I don't buy a World's finest comics! Do you know what CGC told me that would determine if you're keeping the books or if you're going to sell them that would determine the grade. So that being said I didn't submit any books to them at all for grading I will say this though the expert from Heritage auctions who said to me my collection of comic books had a value of $150 for 9 long boxes was so far off with his estimate that I truly wouldn't consider him an expert in the field. And I say this to you this is because he valued my collection for $150. And I sold everything on Facebook marketplace and Facebook groups pages for upwards of $42,500. SUPERMAN 16 Golden Age book sold in 38 minutes as a buy it now. The guy graded it and he got back a blue label comic book CGC GRADED 9.2 so that being said how is this for nothing of value in my collection. Not only just that but my World's Finest Comics sold to an attorney from Boston Massachusetts for $5,000. And my near complete collection of Adventure Comics Sold to a guy from Georgia for $6,500 for a near complete collection of Adventure Comics. So let this be a lesson to you guys these crooks don't offer anything said thing is I was told I had nothing in value in my video game collection and we'll I sold everything on eBay for $148,818.92 after eBay took such a ridiculous amount from the original amount $198,967.91 so this was what it sold for and eBay left me with $148,818.92. When I brought them my collection for sale I only wanted $3500 for everything in my file below because my step dad died from cancer and we'll I wanted to attend his funeral in Hawaii and never got the chance to go this was my second father who died my first dad died when I was 10 years old and we we'll this person from Heritage Auctions. Told people in the industry that I had nothing of value and that I was desperate to sell what I had! So now you know how these people really are to people who fought for their country as well as after the 34th email from this person telling me his office staff said to him that disabled veteran emailed us again and still has nothing of value. Well how is that possible when I sold SWORDQUEST FIREWORLD ATARI 2600 factory sealed to an individual on eBay. He send it in to be graded he then sold it at Heritage auctions for I believe $4,900 he came back a second time and bought the second one I had brand new sealed he sold it for $2,200 that being said. Because he said I had nothing of value this is why I sold on pricecharting website family fun Stadium events for $200. This is where I found out that the owner for pricecharting.com is manipulating the prices of all video games he owns a video game store called jjgames.com his name is JJ Hendricks. And I have an email directly from him stating where he logged into my account issued a refund for $200 to the buyer of this video game and I have another email from this individual where he says he's going to move that sale to a different category of his website that is website doesn't track this information and it doesn't interfere with anyone else who owns that title and it doesn't lower the price of their games. That being said I started doing my research like all people should do and we'll eBay never gave him permission to track sold prices for video games. This is why if an item is sold on eBay at a fixed price if I have an item listed for $500 and you send me an offer for $30 and I accept it it reflects back to being sold on eBay back to pricecharting website as being sold for $500 and not $30. Doesn't track returns at all. That being said you can go back 10 years on your video games and clearly see for yourself that the video games he's saving are worth money aren't at all. Why does he do this I don't know but I will tell you one thing I used to wholesale video games to this individual and we'll he also claims he sold jjgames.com and he never did if you look it up under better Business bureau you will see the pricecharting website and jjgames.com are listed at the same exact location that being said seriously don't believe anything he has to say he is a worthless person in my eyes. And because whenever he issued the refund for $200 to the buyer I ended up having to pay PayPal back a negative balance fee of $30 and clear my balance damn which was negative $230 which this $200 game cost me $430 I've never received a refund yes since hijacked my account I can click forgotten password and receive nothing telling me to update my password and he runs a program on his website called Torrance which allows him to track everybody's keystrokes when they use his website at any point in time so I would advise you people to stay clear away from his website that being said this is what I used to own check it out.


I no longer on these video games in this link above. Everything else I still have in my collection and I'm willing to sell everything to the highest bidder. I will say this though I would probably be interested in selling everything for $9,000 or best offer... Thank you.


  • originalisbestoriginalisbest Posts: 5,896 ✭✭✭✭

    Exciting. Opportunity knocks loud!!!

  • Nice game collection! I'm interested in "The Mummy" Playstation game if you have a price.

  • GroceryRackPackGroceryRackPack Posts: 2,320 ✭✭✭✭✭

    any unopened football racks ???

  • The mummy PlayStation 1 video game for sale is $250

  • This is a few pictures of everything I have for sale and some stuff from my personal collection of vintage video games and sports cards for sale. As well as if you want to buy anything from me please send me a text message with whatever you want to buy. 559-598+2082 my name is David and please don't message me directly with your crazy with your prices. Cause I assure you I am more than fair about everything. New sealed games I'm adding to my list is the following items.


  • .hack// vol. 3 redemption factory sealed PS2 video game.

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