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FS: 1972 Topps PSA 8 (prices reduced), Raw football (mostly 70's); Raw baseball (1960's - 1990's)

dallasactuarydallasactuary Posts: 4,081 ✭✭✭✭✭

I have the following 1972 Topps in PSA 8 (NQ). Prices as shown + $5 for shipping; if you buy more than one card and pay more than $50, feel free to make an offer for a reduced price.

Next up, I became the owner of a shoebox of football cards, mostly from the 1970's and definitely not for grading. For each year (1971, 1973, 1975, and 1984) I have listed all of the HOFers, and then - based purely on my own opinion - counted how many non-HOF "stars" there were, and then listed a sample of those (assume they are the biggest stars). All together, there are about 850+ cards, 86 of which are HOFers and about 100 other "stars". The HOF and star listings show how many of each card there are; for the "other" remaining cards there are lots of duplicates. The approximate/average condition for each year is shown in the top row, and you can assume the HOF/star cards are also the same condition.

My rough guess is that with enough time and patience, these cards could be sold on ebay for about $200. I will accept considerably less than that; please make me an offer on the entire lot.

Finally, from my prior B/S/T thread, I have attached the spreadsheet with single cards I have for sale - mostly baseball, mostly 1972-1982. Minimum purchase (payment to me) is $25 + $5 shipping. If you spend more than that, make me an offer for a reduced price.

This is for you @thisistheshow - Jim Rice was actually a pretty good player.


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