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I keep seeing talk about silver prices skyrocketing but I don't see anything? Is it because it hasn't happened yet? If it has happened what is the price per oz? If it hasn't what is the predicted price per oz? Even if the silver prices skyrocket will I be able to sell my proof and/ or MS-64 coins for melt value? (if it is above melt?)


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    Some good advice from @Meltdown

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    what has skyrocketed over the weekend has been sales of actual silver from online bullion dealers.

    so much sold, dealers have raised their prices.

    also, silver has risen from last week, but I would not call it a skyrocket.

    again, actual silver prices are a lot higher. you won't find silver for sale for sale anywhere near $28.35/oz

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    @Jimnight said:
    Some good advice from @Meltdown


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    @derryb.... As clear and accurate picture of reality as I have seen.... ;) Cheers, RickO

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    The only hope of breaking the hold that spot price has on real silver is for physical demand to become so great that it results in a complete shortage of available silver. Only a major currency crisis can do this, not a bunch of gamers or solar panel producers. Then and only then will there be a chance that the futures market shorts will go long in an effort to see the contract to the end to get their hands on those 100 oz bars in the COMEX vaults. On a large enough scale the COMEX will fail to deliver.

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