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[WTS] January 17 US & World Coin & Token Auction (500 lots)

stldanceartiststldanceartist Posts: 116 ✭✭✭

Good afternoon!

I have an auction I'd like to advertise - 500 mixed lots of US and World Coins & Tokens. Includes lots of cheap stuff, and if you like/collect wooden nickels or advertising tokens, there are plenty of items you'll like! Doing my best to clear out mixed bins of stuff I have had lying around the place.

If you've bought from me here (or from my new website) before, you know I do my best to show you exactly what you're buying, I try to keep shipping costs as low as I can, and I ship as soon as possible.

You'll also know that I plan to do Auction Leftovers again for this auction (as well as for the January 24 auction, which I'm currently building and will have a LOT of really cool stuff in it, stuff I might have a difficult time letting go of!) - so keep your eyes open over at my Auction Leftovers page on my website (Monday or Tuesday after each auction.)

There are two "sister companies" you can use to register/bid on the auction, Invaluable and AuctionZip. Some people say they prefer the Invaluable site, some AuctionZip, so I'll post both:

Invaluable: https://www.invaluable.com/catalog/2qx7j50tq0
AuctionZip: https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-catalog/Coins,-Type,-US,-Foreign,-some-graded_2QX7J50TQ0/


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