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A few low price (but cool!!) dupes for sale. (Update - Just the 1946 Venezuela 5c remains.)

cecropiamothcecropiamoth Posts: 871 ✭✭✭✭✭

Have a few cool duplicates that I will sell at basically my cost (so prices will be firm). Prices include postage (padded envelope, first class w/ tracking). Payment via PayPal friends or regular PayPal +3%. Will do a seven day return privilege if you don't like the coin. Shipping to US addresses only.

1960-Mo Mexico 10 Peso (circulating commemorative -- Hidalgo & Madero, 150th Anniversary of Independence/50th Anniversary of United Mexican States) PCGS MS65, currently pop 11/10. Last date of what I would term mid-century modern (1947-1960) Mexico silver commemoratives. 90% silver, 40 mm, mintage 1,000,000. Quite a wild toner, TrueView represents the coin well. Slab in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. SOLD


1940(P) Nicaragua 1c PCGS MS64BN. KM# 11. Struck at Philadelphia for Nicaragua. Mintage 2,000,000. Same metallic composition as the Lincoln, Wheat Cent (.95 copper, .05 tin and zinc). Just a smidge large than the Lincoln, Wheat Cent at 20 mm and ~4.00 g. Nice color (most notably on the reverse). Minor obverse contact marks account for the grade, however IMO the TrueView shows these more than in hand. Slab in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. SOLD


1946(P) Venezuela 5c PCGS MS66, currently pop 24/7. Y# 29a. Struck at Philadelphia for Venezuela. Mintage 12,000,000. Cupronickel (CuNi), 19.1 mm, 2.40 g. Unfortunately no TrueView for this one, but there is an older PCGS scan available. Don't let that scare you though as I guarantee whoever grabs this coin will love it!! An absolute luster bomb!!! The small contact mark to the left of the 5 on the reverse IMO prevented this example from joining the seven coins graded at MS66+ (top pop grade).
Slab again in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. $25.00


Please send me a PM if there is any interest.

Take care,


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