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Look we just found another Confederate Beautiful Coin

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              Look at this beautiful Coin Badge

                Early Made Confederate Emergency Coin___       

A Provisional Confederate Government Civil Service commerce Coin
The Provisional Government meeting of February 4, 1861, copying the same
basic pattern as the United States federal government that it just seceded from
cites the coin being made at the New Orleans mint with a design off of the old
Confederation of 1789 for the new Provisional Government of the Confederate
States. The Confederate Civil Service was created by the Provisional
Government that met on February 4, 1861.URL Cited here >: en.wikipedia.org/
wiki/ Confederate Civil Service Note: The coin having 13 vertical bars which
7 having a lined field and the coin having 8 stars for Virginia shows that the
coin was in alignment before hand to be made before the Confederate half
dollars was made to Numeraire coins, coin banknotes, bonds & Treasury
Certificates. This coin was an emergency test coin. What is provisional civil
service? Tentative, contingent, preliminary. A provisional Civil service
appointment is a temporary position that fills a vacancy until a test can be
properly administered and statutory requirements can be fulfilled to make a
permanent appointment. The drafting by a committee of twelve appointed by
the Provisional Congress began on February 5, 1861. The Confederate States of
America Created February 8, 1861. The celtic logo mark has 12 stipule leaf on
each side of it's + cross mark on the coin being for the Provisional Congress
committee of twelve.On February 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis became president.
The Provisional Congress committee of twelve and now Jefferson Davis being
the president, the coin is in alignment coming off the old Confederation of 1789
13 colonies and the new Confederate Provisional Congress Government of 13
committee. The 7 lined vertical bars on the coin represents the first 7 states that
seceded and approved the coin before Virginia seceded to Numeraire other
coins like the Confederate half dollars.The 6 unlined bars represents Louisiana
the 6th state to secede with the 6 stars around the eagles head for Louisiana
there's a pair = 12 Jefferson Davis president 13 backing the coins approval
having 13 bars behind the eagle a pair. That explains it all. And the first 13
colonies coined a new provisional government backing of congress. The
coin has intertwining meaning. James Gallier was a famous architect who
designed the coin and designed beautiful Buildings in the New Orleans French
Quarter. The coin had to be beautiful to represent the first Confederate States
20 dollar Coin. To the first test by Numeraire in the Victorian era. C. G
Memminger Term Began February 21, 1861 being the confederate treasury.
Between this time February 21, 1861 and the statement by C. G. Memminger
stating on March 6, 1861, in url below: forums.collectors.com/discussion/816049/
confederate-half-dollar-150-years-old#:~:text=Accordingly%2C%20 "leaving to
the north the eagle and its counterpart" is the time frame the McGuire coin was
made. A letter of April 12, 1861 from Memminger to Superintendent Elmore to
put a halt to the arrangements being made to procure designs and samples for
a Confederate coinage. For Dr. McGuire had to be a Civil Service Commission
officer civil servant for the Confederate new provisional government to have
his coin tested for trade commerce. That statement has proved the coin was to
be used as a civil coin. So in re-evaluating the coin, we have a perfect
alignment in the history of its nature of the coins birth. Being a Confederate
provisional civil service - Bracteate Quadruple Cavalier Numeraire 20 Dollar
coin. A pin was attach on the back to wear as a coin Seal Pendant to test its
Numeraire while the Doctors wore the new coin in the second corps. The
Doctor was a Provisional paymaster Civil Service Colonel before he joined
Stonewall Jacksons second corps as a private to give Jackson a Medical
evaluation before he became Colonel. The 21 month research has proved that
the coin was made in Geometric numerical data in large quantities in art
mathematical equations in pairs on the coins Geometry design. Coin has 1, 5,
10 and 20 dollars denominations in Geometry graphic art symbols of currency.
By looking at the McGuire Dollar plate certificate left has a left triangle shape
meaning " more than " and the right side triangle shape meaning " less than "
the coins Dollar panel plate Treasury certificate was to add & subtract the coins
money regulations values thereof and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of
weights and measures: The coin being found 159 years after the civil war ended
and being of one prototype now known.
It shows that the statement of Judah P. Benjamin On January 22, 1863, that the
Confederate Secretary of State proposed issuing a five-dollar gold coin, called"
cavalier," of the exact value of the English gold sovereign. This coin is thought
to be part of that series that included the ten and twenty gold dollar pieces,
called double and quadruple cavaliers and this coin herein is thought to be the
"original" coin prototype to be used to make the gold Quadruple Cavalier in J.P
Benjamin proposal Jan 22, 1863. Being the original coin proto type made copper
with nickel gilded the coin was never made of gold while the proposal was more
than likely in effect by the Confederate Treasury Departmint in or around May 10,
1863 thing's turned in a new direction. Stonewall Jackson was wounded in the
arm and died from his injuries. The proposal was ended by the Confederate
Treasury Department because the Doctor cut Gen. Jackson arm off and Gen.
Jackson died, that devalued and depreciated any hope's of making the coin in
gold for commerce trade. The McGuire coin is one of the most rarest coins made
fighting for its solvency againest the U.S 20 dollar gold coin, because Gen.
Jackson death in the war the "Incuse Bracteate Quadruple Cavalier Numeraire"
was not made in gold. It would have been a beautiful " 1861 Confederate States
Gold Double Eagle Treasury Certificate $20 Dollar Laurel Wreath Coin" The
McGuire civil war soldiers dollar name plate with the raised underlined c for
"son of" and the two clip corner on the G top edge stands for "McGuire"s son of
"Gallier Geometry" with the U being for the union of two, McGuire and Gallier one
pair and Gallier - Geometry another pair makes 4 for Quadruple. This coin is
loaded with Geometric numerical data in large quantities in art mathematical
equations in pairs on the coins Geometry design being a Quadruple Cavalier coin.
This coin is the only known Confederate 20 dollar coin existing being the original
prototype the Doctor wore from early 1861 to his last camp April 1865. The coin
being a part of a series of Bracteate that was to be made of gold in the proposal
Jan 22, 1863. There's a 5 and a 10 dollar Cavalier Numeraire Bracteate coins laying
out there somewhere to be found according to the statement of Judah P. Benjamin
On January 22, 1863 to make a 5 , 10 , and 20 dollar Cavalier of gold, this coin
herein is the original 20 Dollar prototype found 15 inches deep with a AT Max Metal
Detector 2019. This has been fascinating research by our team and we was very
honored in doing so! We know as experts in relic hunting for over 51 years that this
coin will bring will over a Million dollars on the auction market place when auction
off to the highest bidder. Because of the value of a unique large Confederate States
found 20 Dollar coin being the most rarest Confederate coin ever found, we have to
back off now and let the numismatics society has their turn in explaining the coin
before auctioning off to sell. So they can record the coin in a more proper and
fascinating way for the civil war and coin collectors. We did our part, got lucky and
found the coin in the first place, second did 21 months of research on the coin after
it was dug, and have over 100 plus relics found with the coin. Now that the civil war
& coin collectors know this coin has been found after 159 years later after the civil
war we know there will be conflicting reports from inexperienced numismatics
scholars. But we have a now full and complete study of the coins history and a full
report that sites the coin as 100% original in its design and its patina age! We enjoyed
writing about this specimen, digging it and studying the coin coming off the old
Confederation and being made for a New Confederate Government early 1861. Relic
hunters don't give up, we thank there two more out there somewhere a five & a ten
Bracteate Cavalier Numeraire for a total of 3, they would be the other first prototypes
made of copper with nickel gilding. They are pressed with a screw press and made at
the New Orleans mint .
Unlike the Confederate one cent coins and the Confederate half dollars they never
saw war like this 20 dollar coin did. This coin was in battles for 4 + Years fighting to
be made of Gold and fighting to save its troops, but Gen. Jackson death blocked that
path! Even tho the coin was worn by the Doctor on his hat, Jacket, cross belt plate and
buckle for a buckle attachment. This week we took and examined the thickness and
size of the coin and found that 4 > 1861 5 dollar Liberty Gold Half Eagles would make
the coins weight around 90% gold content give or take with somewhere around 8 , 9,
or 10 per% copper if made in 1863. So the coin would have had the same content
weight as the 1861 U.S gold coin in mix of Gold & Copper bullion.
This Confederate coin being a made Bracteate thinner coin design and bigger around
then the U.S Gold 20 Dollar coin, its design in it's size if made in 1863 would
have contained the same weight and copper content as the U.S 20 Dollar coin.
A Apex line in the center of the Geometry Geometric diagram on the coin when being
made by James Jr. Gallier in making of the coin at the time explains its beautiful art
Dollar Dominations of 5 coin Currency on the coins design. . Why the coin has a jagged
edge? A combination of grooved and reeded edges on a single coin. Often the furlough
of the groove is decorated with a pattern to enhance the security of the coin to make it
more difficult to counterfeit. The jagged wreath edge being on this coin explains security
protection against counterfeiting in design & weights & measures. As the coin still today
gives one the birds eye thought that this is a badge and not a coin, its was design to
protect it own security in the civil war still holds true today. As most coin collectors
don't recognize the coins meaner and try to demean the coins real out post design to
say only to ones self, will I don't like the coins demeaner because its a civil war coin
not recognizing something known at an earlier time 160 years ago. Few if now any coin
scholars of there self confidence in understanding the coin design overthrows there
understanding of the coin ability of its skill when it was made to fool Union Officer of the
coins design being to them a ID badge only not recognizing it is a 1861 Confederate States
silver double eagle Treasury Certificate 20 dollar Laurel Wreath coin that left to the
north to fight against its counter part the 1861 U.S Gold coin in early 1861 from
New Orleans to Jackson second corps. And now some may hold out and say will thats
just impossible but let me rethink my education again. So to a very few now known
coin scholars in the world of very rare made Confederation coins for a new nation
it has been proven that the 1861 Confederate States Silver Double Eagle Treasury
Certificate $20 Dollar Rebel Laurel wreath coin made seal Pendant is 100%
authentic..... Being a made 1861 early war time emergency coin worn by the famous civil
war Doctor to later have the coin again Numeraire in a 20 dollar gold coin to compete
against the English gold coin for the souths solvency currency later war stability. Because
of the Confederate success in the fall of 1862 Major Jackson was made Gen. and the
Doctor was made major of the whole second corps. Early 1863 the seeing the success
of the second corps there was a proposal under consideration to make the prototype
Quadruple Cavalier coins out of Gold. The coins history took a fall after Stonewall Jackson
death and the Incused Greyback Bracteate Quadruple Cavalier Numeraire prototype coin was never
made of Gold. The coin has file marks around its nickel plated edge.
The original coin is kept safe for later study by coin collectors. Are research team thank
you for reading and enjoying this article.....

                                And looking at the Coinofglory.com 

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