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High Resolution images of new late die stage of 1954-S LWC RPM#6

rmpsrpmsrmpsrpms Posts: 1,801 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited January 27, 2021 6:41PM in U.S. Coin Forum

I have found an example of 1954-S RPM#6 which is later than stage L, the last stage listed by CONECA. This new stage has a large die chip out of the 9 of the date, where stage L has no evidence of a chip even beginning to form. This likely means there are intermediate stages after L but before this coin. In addition, this coin shows a change to a new reverse die, so is a new die marriage as well.

See high resolution images of obverse and reverse at EasyZoom website:

Obverse: https://easyzoom.com/image/238740/album/0/4?mode=manage

Reverse: https://easyzoom.com/image/238742/album/0/4?mode=manage

I've posted this coin to the CONECA Attribution forum using their new process.

PM me for coin photography equipment, or visit my website:


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