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The case of the missing MS65 - mystery solved!

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Back in the olden days of 2014 when I was hyper-focused on completing Carlos IV and Ferdinand VII sets and ignoring CIII portraits altogether an interesting coin crossed the auction block at CNG. It was an NGC certified MS65 WINGS approved 1779 Mexico 8 Reales with a great strike and just a touch of toning on what otherwise seemed like perfect surfaces, not counting the adjustment lines running on top of the reverse. Whoever parted with this gem mentioned purchasing it from M Louis Teller a few short months before I was born in 1980.

Original CNG listing

Looking at strike characteristics of various certified 1779 examples recently I noticed that NGC population report no longer lists an MS65 for the year.

Perhaps it was crossed to PCGS, I thought... But no, the highest grade on this side of the street is a 63 and there have been 3 total certificates at that level with 2 still current: @Boosibri's coin , no image but old holder with certificate starting with 0 and one no longer valid but my records showing it as 24739638. That last one was either an attempt to upgrade an existing one or a downgrading to a 62PL once that designation became available, but i'm just speculating at this point.

I can only assume that the 1779 in question that used to reside in the MS65 NGC holder has been cracked out and is residing in someone's collection raw, with the label returned back to NGC in order to update the population reports.

I, for one, would love to see that collection :)


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