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Buying large lots of type coins, piles of 'junk', stuff that's hard to sell or no one else wants...

coin22lovercoin22lover Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭

I buy stuff that is cumbersome or is a lot of work to retail out. Large lots of low to mid value type coins, big piles of random junk, etc...if you have something, send me a description and I'll let you know if it could work.

I also buy rare (Bust, Seated, Copper).

I do not buy straight bullion deals (unless it's just randomly mixed in a bigger lot).

If it's a big lot, usually the best (and only) way to come up with an offer is for you to send to me for my offer. If we agree, you're paid immediately. If we don't agree, I return it at my expense.

I am fast & efficient. I have done this with many forum members, and everyone has been very pleased thus far. See below for a few reviews.


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