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Steve Hart says.... FS - 1983 Topps Traded BBCE & Topps baseball '77 to '80

cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

I was curious for more information about my 'factory sets that are BBCE wrapped.

I've also included pics of my 1983 Topps Traded Factory Sets for sale - Make an offer on any or all (7), you wont be paying taxes and ebay prices, guaranteed!

To do that, I need the money Paypal FF (or a check if you're old school)

Interesting info about these sets and others like them - Steve Hart just yesterday was kind enough to respond back to an email and share information about 'Factory' sets compared with the other obvious FASC/Tape Intact sets

Steve Hart:

Let me try to help you out. I assume you are asking about sets, but I will tell you about unopened boxes also.

On a factory set (almost always a traded/update set). If the set is marked FASC, then it came from a factory sealed case that open I opened. Nobody else can break the seal on the case. People tell me all the time “Well I opened it just to make sure what was in there” Or “I opened it back in 1983 to make sure it was full”. Nope. Not good enough. I have to be the one to open it. And we are very, very strict on what makes a case still factory sealed. We know which cases were glued, taped, stapled, etc and it has to be original. So in this case, we do not even open the lid on the sets. No reason to. And since no human hands have touched it, no reason for us to. If the set is marked Tape Intact, then the set may not have come out of a sealed case, but it has the original Topps Tape on it that Topps put on the sets. Again, no reason to take the tape off and inspect, as its still the way it came from Topps. If the set is only marked “factory set”, then that means its not from a sealed case, the original tape has been opened or the set never had tape in the first place. In this case, I have to go through each set and check to make sure all the KEY cards are in the set. I also make sure that those key cards are at least NM-MT and match the other cards in the set. People will try to switch out cards and put lesser condition cards in the sets. I try to make sure that the set at least the keys resemble the rest of the set.

On unopened boxes, I guess the same goes as above for FASC or tape intact (Tape intact usually only applies to OPC products). But again, if it didn’t come from a case, or is not tape intact, I then have to go through every pack in the box to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with or resealed. Again, we try to make sure the packs are NM or better (preferably better) and we will kick out boxes where we can tell there is damage.

Hope this helps! Email me back if you have any more questions. Thanks! Steve

Steve Hart-Owner
Baseball Card Exchange, Inc.
2412 US Highway 41
Schererville, Indiana 46375
[email protected]


  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

    Here is a quick honest representation of the cards available for those interested - as always, the centering varies but will send scans of anything you need before you agree to them.

  • I can probably help with some you need as long as they aren't unmarked checklists....I need a few myself

    1977 Topps third set (ExMt/NrMt or better, this is a nice set, unmarked CL)

    287 Reds 546 Orioles

    1977 Topps fourth set (ExMt/NrMt or better, unmarked CL)

    259 Mets 287 Reds 371 Royals 388 Harmon 531 Bostock 546 Orioles 658 Pattin

    Thank you

    Wantlists and some of my tradelists are here:

    I am also gawaintheknight on The Bench, Sports Card Forum, and e-bay if you want to check feedback.
  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

    Will look for those and let you know, Ted

  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

    Please PM or post here if anyone has 77 - 80 set needs. Have around 1500 of each from EXMT to NMMT or better

  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭


  • DarinDarin Posts: 4,168 ✭✭✭✭

    Adam, the 1978's I bought from you arrived today and all 48 of them look great to me.
    They're a tremendous improvement to my raw set and its going to be fun adding these
    and discarding the off center cards they replace in my set.
    Thank you Sir!


  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭
    edited January 2, 2021 9:12AM

    Moved post

  • Couple hundred of the 77's posted on ebay currently (cougar701) - Have another 100 or so in NM+ or better not yet posted.

    Also still have quite a few 1978 to 1980 commons in NMMT or better.

    If anyone needs any or many of them, please PM your list and an offer for the card(s). Will of course send you pics before you pay so you feel good about what you're getting.

  • bumpity

  • lbcoach20lbcoach20 Posts: 764 ✭✭✭

    Pm sent

  • Hi - I recently bought a 1977 Topps set in EX/Mt - NM. I need the following cards to upgrade: 5 Victory Leaders, 17 Steve Stone, 34 Angels Team, 113 Blue Jays Mgr/Coaches, 160 McEnaney, 442 Brave Team, 451Checklist, 469 Pat Kelly.
    Can you let me know what you have and price?
    Thanks - Daniel

  • Daniel -

    I'll PM you later today on these!

  • Thanks - sent a PM back.

  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

    Got some new information from Steve Hart that I wanted to share with others who may not have understood the difference between a BBCE wrapped 'Factory' labelled set .

    I feel like its the most logical and sensical thing to do to confirm the key cards are essentially in the same state they would have been found as a FASC/Tape Intact set.

  • ArtVandelayArtVandelay Posts: 352 ✭✭✭

    I am interested to see what you are asking for commons from the 1977-80 years. I have about 30 or so needed to wrap up sets.

  • cougar701cougar701 Posts: 531 ✭✭

    PM sent to ArtVandelay

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