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Just to let you all know i left the hospital and I am at home. My friends who are in the health care business will be shocked or maybe not so much considering its {redacted} hospital.

Story= Influenza 103-4 temp 1 and a half days then bring kid to school go to my regular doctor, pass out on floor in waiting room 9am , 1 person ahead of me same issues just left in ambulance so they take my in blood pressure 100ish and 50ish Army vet nurse help get blood pressure back up while they call for another ambulance by elevating legs{works} enough to keep me from not passing out.

Ambulance= 2 very nice EMT'S both could not get blood or vein for IV.

Emergency room= 2 nurses? star IV'S in same spot as EMT'S blood and pain flow from both arms not sure why , like squirting blood but the get them in and they hurt like hell, nose swab comes back critical {whatever that means} influenzas type something.. No meds given yet. Not even ones I need for my disabilities which contain narcotics like 3 I have been on for years, diazepam, oxycodone and I think amitriptyline are the three. Sent for x-ray chest and sent right up to room for stay for a day or 2 maybe more. Right before they take me they gave me half my reg dose oxy and a bunch of other stuff I forget and Tamiflu started.

Room 707+= 6pm I get heart meds and others I take {16 different ones daily + vitamins}normally now 3 new added to list when I left} doctor gives me Tylenol even though I told them no I cant take it because of reactions , and heart doctor said no aspirin or ibuprofen they tried to give me both I said no. I take anyways hes a doctor so I guess he knows what to do {WRONG}. respiratory therapy started every 4 hours. food provided but only drink fluids apple juice cup and water one bite chicken and sip some soup broth. Very nauseated from regular Gerd and throat cancer{surgery was scheduled for next week. I have barrettes s esophagus that is turning. incredibly pain full lungs when I cough I almost pass out every time. Oxygen acceptable so weak heart issue maybe {cardiomyopathy IJ/FR rate 20-25% ish They tell me same as it has been for the last few years maybe a little lower now due to flu}. they do an echo cardiogram.

Blood= 9 TIMES I was needled for iv's or blood draws 5 times they took many vials never told me what for, in less then 10 hours even though I was not eating or drinking that much but they said no problem because I am getting fluid IV?. Three more attempts at blood draws from reg staff fail and hurt like hell as they move the needle around in my arms like it does not hurt and fail for a total of 4 attempts and fails. Calls in specialist I forget what they call them to draw the blood, they get the job done. At this point I really thinking something is wrong with me or these people are so callouses to suffering that they just don't see it.. each fail the person doing it just kept moving the dam needle around while its in side me? Both arms are starting to black and blue and hands and knuckles area where they tried or did draw blood. Only none bruised is from specialist so far..

11ishpm= nursing change shift. everyone friendly from first shift no issues other then no pain meds or diazepam .Keep in mind missing a dose of a substance like diazepam is very hard on my body I guess anybody and hard to come off of let alone just not getting it at all add to that the flu heart issues just had nasal surgery 2 months or so ago. I also have broken/missing disc from year ago that has gotten way worse and the discs above 3 have fracture last year and a half ago. I think.. Also diabetic neuropathy in feet and other areas.

Nightmare begins.= new nurse comes in loud and rude and when I ask her about my meds she very rudely like I am bothering her, tells me I can only give you Tylenol and your diazepam if I want it.{last does was 6amish} she leaves and never comes back I cant sleep 6 hours go by almost 5 am I cant take it anymore I hit the nurse button. 6 hours went by and NONE check in at all. She comes in rude again so I tell her forget it. please leave and may I have another nurse or assistant nurse whatever the title I forget.. She leaves. So now its been 12ish hours since they gave my meds which I take daily for years and I am in horrible breathing and body pain and facial quivering and shaking hands etc. I have slight shaking anyways for muscle issues but this is full face and arms I just cant stop shaking.{flu ?}

6am Nurse comes back very friendly and tells me she will help and acting like she gives a shit, I assume to not get new shift to hear about her issues and the fact I told her no-one even check on me 7 hours or more literally door she closed I could not get out of bed with all the machines hooked up. She tells me she can give me my meds but at 8 am {she's gone then new shift.}she gives me my heart meds and stomach meds and diazepam. so 24 hours since I had that med not good. also no pain meds 18ish hours since last pain pill which was half my reg dose for what ever reason I don't know no one explained anything.

Also someone set the temp in my room to 50" degrees since i got there did not get it turned up till I asked is it the flu causing me to feel extremely cold. Assistant nurse check and changed. No sleep al night tv stops working slightly after 11pm shift change. When I told the bad night nurse about it , 6 hours later when I buzzed she turned it on manually and left. Now I have a TV at full volume that I cant get up to change or turn off , remote not working. {stuck on {redacted} and its like one big anti-trump BS machine} .

8 am I get food try eat kitchen sent up high salt turkey sausage and premade omelet like thing that I could not eat even if I wanted to. I drink the orange juice.

Oh I forgot the most important! i would be dead now most likely if during the shift change in the morning they tried giving me heart meds TWICE all of them once from that bad nurse and incoming was not notified i hope , when she gave me them i refused told her that she already gave me heart meds hour ago. God had my back on that one. I am still dizzy etc. so sorry for typos etc.

9AM someone comes in , well lucky me its one of my x's boyfriends she was seeing while we were married. There are 2 I know of that work at the hospital. I ask him to please could you get a different nurse {yes he was with her while she was in college and married to me. Doctor shows up , I tell him about the issues with the night nurse I don't mention the x guy , no sense hashing that out. More breathing therapy suppose to be given every four hours none done at night. Nothing happen at night at all. He get upset at me and tells me he's sending me home. OK I say. He leaves comes back and tries to ask me to stay and he should not have told me that {to late} I start undoing the machines myself. like I had to all night when the IV ran out I had to figure out on my own how to stop the loud beeping for hours it beeped.

Now almost three days no sleep had to do this 2 times myself because no one came. Once at night once early that evening. The afternoon shift nurse was nice and helpful. OH and the 2 IV'S they had put one in each arm, still don't know why, are still covered in blood as is my gown and pants and arms and hands from the mess the Emergency room people did when putting in. blood was running out of the sides on both arms. They left all the blood with those new bandage wraps around the IV filled. Took 2 nurses and a trainee to do that to me.{Great training?} Remember I am being moved to an isolation room due to being contagious. No one ever cleaned it up they gave me 2 KFC like alcohol wipes and told me to clean it. {yes that really happened} I had to use alcohol isopropyl when I got home to remove it.

I get all my meds including pains meds before I leave and other prescribed stuff.

10 or 11ish am till someone comes in and removes IV'S, I would have done myself if I knew how. And called me a taxi to go get my car which was still at my reg doctors place in {redacted} NY. They bring me down to taxi, It literally pulls always as she wheels me out to him. Back inside I sit 20 minutes till new one comes.

GOOD stuff =They paid for my taxi and my meds {I think} that they gave me to go home with. I am still not well slight fever. Was told it will last a week or 2 maybe counting the 3 days in so far. I am trying to eat , I am drinking a lot of fluids so don't worry. Mike a high school friend even though he has issues of his own came to help me around 9 am TY Mike. My parents to offered to help ty. I survived much worse then this. If God wanted me dead he would have taken me. So I live another day!!

Yes that's my lucky KENNEDY 1964. around my neck. also carry ASE in pocket for just fidgeting with but not when I go to this hospital incase of lets says misplacement. Guys what ever this flu crap is do yourself and family a favor and take precautions because this was like no flu I ever had before. Its spreading here in upstate NY. Don't worry my will to live is strong. Especially for my Daughter.

PS: That sign I handed to doctor told him to change it . It’s not possible unless they change patients to nurse/assistant ratio. Especially in isolation.



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    Yikes! :o

    I hope you beat that thing fast. The flu can be extremely serious. Need to stay out of the hospitals if at all possible.

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    I also got a kick out of that sign. Aside from the hourly visits that did not happen, they promise "very good" care. :#

    To me "very good" is way down on the list. I'd feel better if it said Extremely Fine or even Very Fine, ;)

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    It was on wall in every room I think. Very dumb to do if they can't come close to doing it. Let me rephrase as Clinton like as possible, "Depends on your definition of hourly or promise." :#

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