World Silver for Sale (Germany, Italy, China and more)!

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See link for pictures...sorry for the poor quality photos:

1846-A NGC XF-45 Germany (Prussia) 2 Thaler- $160

1940-B NGC MS-66 Switzerland 1 Franc (Red/Brown Toned)- $50

1914-A PCGS MS-66 Germany 1 Mark (Golden Toned)- $50

1887 PCGS MS-64 England Jubilee Head 6D (Colorfully toned) $77

4x- 80% Canadian AU/UNC Half-Dollars Colorfully Toned (1x 58, 2x 60 and 1x 61)- $40

8 Coin Silver Chinese Lot- $65

6 Coin Silver Italy Lot- $45

I also have some mercury dimes for sale here:

Shipping with tracking will be $4.00 in a bubble mailer with USPS tracking. What you see in the pics is what you will receive and feel free to PM questions on anything you might have. If you don't like my prices, feel free to make a FAIR offer.

Preferred method of payment is paypal FF. I accept google wallet and USPS money orders as well. Shipping only in the US unless we agree on another location. I have conducted many positive transactions here, on reddit and eBay. I'm happy to provide references if you need them.



  • Hey David
    very nice coins, not into that type of coins but you have put together a nice selection and the pictures are really well done....good luck


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    Lol Sterk the last guy you need on here giving you props, pay your debts Sterk, no one cares what you are into unless it’s making everyone on these forums whole...

    keceph `anah
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    shadydave watch out for chiniu67 if you sell anything to him. You've been warned, he has as rawteam mentioned owes people stuff! Be careful!

    Successful Buying and Selling transactions with:

    Many members on this forum that now it cannot fit in my signature. Please ask for entire list.
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    PM sent

    Young Numismatist here. Enjoy collecting coins and making money on the side to fund my collection

    Please see my eBay store for jewelry and a few coins!

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    Bump! Lowered the prices on a few items.

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