1602 Hungary taler

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1602 Hungary taler - Rudolf II - Kremnitz mint - NGC AU-53
Attractive taler struck in Kremnitz mint in Hungary under Rudolf II. Purchased raw from Rauch in 2010 and certified with NGC in 2011. Good patina with nice eye appeal and good details. Classified as DAV-3013. PM with any questions. $600

1733 Austrian taler - Charles VI - Vienna mint - NGC MS-61
Taler struck in Vienna mint in Austria under Charles VI. Certified NGC MS-61. Good patina with some hints of color. Nice eye appeal with good even surfaces and appearance. Classified as DAV-1037. This is the only 1733 Vienna mint DAV-1037 issue certified by either PCGS or NGC. By comparison, 17 total examples have been certified from the Hall mint. $SOLD


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