Help identifying these signatures please

Picked up a signed Raiders logo football that has Paul Tagliabue as the commissioner at the time. Most the signatures I have already ID'd are Los Angeles(or Oakland then LA) Raiders and a few SD Chargers players. This leads me to believe all are players from the 80's/Early 90's. However there are 7 signatures I just can't get a positive ID on if anyone is able to help me out I would appreciate it. Not a need to know as I purchased just to replace a spot on the shelf that was home to my first and most prized signed item, a game football signed by the '76 Raiders, excluding Matuszak who had passed by the time of getting the signatures (which while a cool ball full of different sigs, does not compare at all, and has chargers sigs YUCK!). But still curious as to who the other signatures belong to. Thanks for any help in advance.

Just for reference other players already confirmed are Steve Wisnewski, Ben Davidson, Lincoln Kennedy, Napoleon McCallum, Otis Sistrunk, Robert Jenkins, Daryl Lamonica, Tim Rossovich, Phil Vilipiano, Marquez Pope, Johnnie Barnes, Clem Daniels, George Buehler, Fred Biletnikoff, Wayne Hawkins, Mervyn Fernandez, Charlie Smith, Gus Otto, and Henry Lawrence.

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