Sold. 1909-s vdb vf30

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I have a 1909-s vdb in vf30 condition. I was thinking about putting it on eBay but thought I would try here first. I sent this coin in to PCGS myself so I am positive it’s authentic. Looking for around $750 shipped. Willing to hear offers. My uncle needs some money so retirement will have to wait. This will be the first coin I have sold here but I have been on the forums for quite a while and my ID is the same here as eBay.


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    Does anyone care to comment on here and let me know if I am too high or possibly to low haha. I would like to know where I should be. Saw the same coin go for around $750 on eBay. So, I started “around $750” looking for offers.

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    @chumley said:
    pcgs price guide on a vf 30 is about $170


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    I think your price is okay with a little negotiation... I think it will sell but folks may want references..JMHO

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    Sure, I am flexible on price. You lose a lot on eBay fees. I have purchased on here once, from nurmaler. I have 100% on eBay id cruisersk1.

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    It’s a great looking cent BTW! Good luck!

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    Looks like a nice cent and authentic....I just do not need one.... Cheers, RickO

  • That looks to be the 4th type of mintmark. S well below the 9's. I just bought @Ronyahski xf45 one that is the type 3. Don't want to go for 4 at this point! Nice coin.

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    Sold! Thanks for a great deal. :)

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