Another combo: 1900 $20 NGC MS64 and WWII sets. Dirt cheap.

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Continuing with the "spring cleaning" I offer another nice combo. All for $1750 delivered. Heck, I'll throw something extra in too.

Please feel free to ask questions and send a message if interested. Thanks!

  1. 1900 $20 Gold Double Eagle graded MS64 by NGC. Looks solidly graded, not quite gem.

  1. Two WWII era sets featuring one example of Cent thru Half Dollar of each date from 1941-1945. 50 coins total.
    These are very nice sets in the commercial AU/BU grade range. Certainly Not the usual junk but not gem masterpieces either.

Most coins are Philadelphia, but there are some mint marks such as a 1941-S and 1943-S Washington Quarter.

Great pieces for an album or keep the sets as-is. I included an image of 1 example of each including a steel cent.


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