1992 do close Am

What's the chances of finding one?


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  • OK thanKS

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    Keep looking though! You never know...

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    No one knows how many of the 92-D or 92 Close AM Lincolns are out there.

    Coinfacts has 16 1992s and 54 1992-Ds listing in all grades at PCGS. They still pull a premium (I recently sold an NGC MS65Rd on Heritage for $3000), though (like much else) they command far less of a premium than they used to.

    Another poster here (I forget whom) opined that they were "hiding in plain sight" in jars of change. No one knows how many made it into circulation, but not many have been identified to date, as you can see.

    This remains one of the the more exciting reasons to search pocket change out there, though. Along with the 1998, 1999 and 2000 Wide AMs, they are among the few U.S. Lincoln varieties still in circulation worth looking for.

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    @Dustinpulliam....Welcome aboard.... Coin hunting in change is fun... finds do happen, though not every day. Cheers, RickO

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