WTB: 1988 Fleer Basketball raw singles

Looking to buy your 1988 Fleer Basketball raw singles. I'm looking to start a nice looking raw set and would like to see what you have. Must have sharp corners and edges with no gum residue. The rookies and the Jordan base card I am looking to buy multiples. Thanks for looking.


  • HallcoHallco Posts: 2,945 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great set. As a point of reference...card #80 Patrick Ewing has a print defect on every card(or at least on all of the ones I have ever seen). I am attaching a photo with a circle of the area to show you. The reason I learned this was because I had a PSA 10 at one time and I thought a small strand of hair accidentally fell in the slab when it was graded. I had it re-holdered a while after and upon receiving noticed it was still there! Then I started to look at others...they all have it! I would LOVE to see one that doesn't if you are the lucky person to find one! :) Good luck! Would love to see your progress!

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