Update: 8% on $25 or more, 6% no minimum 2/19 - 2/20.

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Be sure to activate. bullion category not included, as always. But you can find bullion that seller listed in a non-bullion category:

Another 1% rebate from Mr. Rebates. If you haven't signed up with Mr. Rebates you can do so from this link. I will get a referral credit and you will receive a $5 credit to your new account to get you started. To earn rebate points you always have to visit the store (ebay or many others) from within your Mr. Rebates account. This will direct you to the store site. You have to make your purchase from this window that opens to earn the rebates. I installed the Mr. Rebates app from the chrome store that give me a Mr. Rebates icon at the top of my browser for easy access. I believe your visit to the "store" from Mr. Rebates is valid for only one hour and good for one purchase. To make another purchase, or after an hour, log out of your Mr. Rebates account and log back in to revisit ebay or to visit one of the hundreds of other stores that pay out Mr. Rebates.

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