Higher-End 50's, 60's and 70's Near Sets/Partial Sets FS/FT

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Offering some higher-end near-sets/partial sets FS (priced net PayPal F&F/Zelle/etc) / FT (send offers).

1951 Topps Red Back Partial Set (25/52) with one duplicate:


5 PSA 9s:

8(Wynn),12,18 (Coleman),33,42

16 PSA 8s:

4,8 (Wynn),14,15 (Kiner),16 (Roe),21,23,24 (Bauer),25,26,30 (Spahn),31 (Hodges),34,38 (Snider),39 (Kluszewski),52 (Hartford var)

5 PSA 7s:

1 (Berra),22 (Feller),36 (Phil var),37,45,

VCP average is currently $1615. Asking price is $1475 firm.

1970 Topps Master Near-Set (722/726) with all the major stars. Only missing 547, 585, 594, and 654.


79 PSA 9s:

33,35,127,139,153,156,168,173,178,185,192,204,206,218,224,228,265,268,269,278,283,288,294,298,311,319,328,330(Brock),339,342,356,361,363,373,388,393,403(Bunning),406,414,441,513,542(brown bat),542(grey bat),556,561,562,564,566,

6 PSA 8.5s:

13,261,343(red bat),470(Stargell),487,523

127 PSA 8s:

8,17,23,30,39,41,42,51,56,65(McCovey LL),66,70,72(Seaver LL),73,76,80,84,100,101,102,105,110,112,116,118,123,125,126,133, 135,136,140(Jackson),144,149,160(Niekro),162,176,177,179,180,186,188,189(Munson RC pulled from a Fritsch cello pack), 191,205,210(Marichal),232,235,236,240(Jenkins),244(red bat),249,252,257,263,267,276,290,296,305,309(WS Game 4),
309(WS Game 5) ,310(WS Summary),320,329,336,358,365,375,379,383,407,418,423,426,431,432(white BASEBALL), 434,436,444,459(Jackson AS),462(Aaron AS),463(F Robinson AS),464(Bench AS),466(Marichal AS),475,476,477,480,483,
484,486,488,489,490,498, 499,510,512,514,518,519,520,521,530(Gibson),531,534,535,539(Bowa RC), 544,552,573,588(Adolfo),
600(Mays pulled from a Fritsch cello pack), 610,630(Banks),631,632,640(Kaline),660(Bench),661,665,668,670(Santo),681
,700(F Robinson), 712(Ryan),715

1 PSA 7:

460(Alou AS)

And all the rest raw averaging NM, some better and some worse, with 10(Yaz NM+),211(T Williams NM),230(B RobinsonEM/NM),300(Seaver EM/NM),350(Clemente EX/EM),394(Hodges NM+),449(Palmer NMMT),458(Rose AS NM),500(Aaron EX),502(Fingers NM),537(Morgan NM+),555(Cepeda NM),560(Perry EX), 565(HunterEX/EM),580(Rose VgEx) and a strong high number run (avg NM).

Duplicate raw stars in varying grades include 140(Jackson),160(Niekro),210(Marichal),240(Jenkins),330(Brock),462(Aaron AS), 463(F Robinson AS),464(Bench AS),466(Marichal AS), 470 (Stargell),530(Gibson),600(Mays)

Both versions of all checklists that have two versions are included.

VCP Average is currently $5,800 on the slabbed cards. Price is $6,695 or with a PSA 7 5th/6th/7th Series Wax pack added to the master near-set $7,595.

1964 Topps BB Mid-High Grade Near Set (581/587) - Built mostly from 3 lots of high-end vending, and including 129 PSA-slabbed cards, including Mantle PSA 7 and all of the stars. Needing only card #s 3, 464, 482, 533, 543 and 570 for completion. Pretty solid NM all around in both the slabbed and the raw . All slabbed cards and raw stars pictured below. VCP Average on just the slabbed cards is $2820. Asking $3975

Slabbed includes:

PSA 9 (1 card):

PSA 8 (30 cards):

PSA 7.5 (1 card):
423 (Tops in NL, Aaron/Mays)

PSA 7 (75 cards):
5 (NL SO LDR),8 (AL BAT LDR),9 (NL HR LDR),29 (Brock),34,35 (Mathews),40,41(McCovey/Wagner), 45,47,50 (Mantle),53,75,80,84,101 (Alston), 118,122,127,130,133,146 (John RC),152,160,169,175 (B Williams),177 (Killebrew),185,190,205 (Fox),219,230 (B Robinson),235,245,247,260 (F Robinson),265,280 (Marichal),291.295,297,299,300 (Aaron),302,326,342 (Stargell),345,346,349,374,397,399,400 (Spahn),402,410,415,418,425,433 (Yankees),449,451,453,456,500,504,508,512,513,517,521,524,530,540 (Aparicio),550 (Hubbs),586

PSA 6 (22 cards):
15,72,79,91,107,201,202,215,228,309,352,376,380 (Ford),383,386,443,465,479,485,489,491,511



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