Did you buy my 1873 Trade Dollar??

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I know this is the longest of long shots, but I thought I'd give it a try. I sold the bulk of my type set in 2011-2012. Many of those pieces were sold on the BST, and what didn't sell there was put on ebay or sold to JJTeaparty. I'm fairly certain someone on the forum may have bought the Trade Dollar... I'll try to dig up pics, but the old computer went kaput along with a bunch of image files. It was sold raw and would most likely holder at 50-53. Understated luster in the devices and original surfaces...

If you purchased this coin from me and are willing to sell it back, please pm me... thanks in advance. Leo

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    Wow...Good luck with your search...That long ago, it may have changed hands again or maybe more...Cheers, RickO

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    Perhaps Liz can help you if they got the coin. Best of luck. She's looking for one I sold her Monday. Best of luck.

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