FS: 2003 $2 Star Ladders #00000234*

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I have decided to break up a few of my nicest and most valuable BEP Premium Federal Reserve Sets. This is the second lowest star ladder set available for the 2003 $2 set. I have these listed on Ebay for $200/note, but will offer them here for $1750/note or $1800 for the whole set intact of 12 notes.

I have no idea why the pics are not loading and posting in order, but it doesn't really matter.

$2 star ladders are as rare as hen's teeth. I have a huge collection of them and never hesitated to pay $300+ for one when I saw it for sale.

I will be putting up many more notes soon. Feel free to PM me to see my current inventory list or email me at [email protected]

Thanks for looking!

Specializing in Low, High, Fancy & Matching Serial US Currency, with a special hoard of BEP Premium Sets & Products. Also modern coin rarities.

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