2019 Topps Heritage Thoughts

Any thoughts on the 2019 (1970) Topps Heritage Issue? While I really like the look of the 1 of 1's and he 5 of 5's and whatever, I have never been fortunate to open one. Are case prices going to rise again this year? The big stars signing? I would expect a subset, maybe a 10 card set of Munson to be issued. Perhaps a focus on some all-stars since there is a lack of great rookies. Vida Blue, Darrell Evans, and Bill Buckner are about as good as it gets. I have sets from every Heritage year and unopened boxes/cases for each year since I am a fan of the 60's, but now that we are moving into the 70's, I don't know how far out I will go. What about the rest of you?

To be honest, no direction, but...
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