Extra face value on same stamp truly unique there

Malaysia flower 60 cents and RM6 dollars face value on same stamp let me knows of what you think there


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    The RM6 is not on the stamp - it is on the selvage tab. My guess is the sheet had strips of 10 stamps above the selvage, so the ten 60 sen stamps would equal 6 rupiah. If you had the next row over it would probably say 12, etc.

    I have seen other countries' sheets like this. It helped when selling or counting the stamps to know what the remaining sheet was worth.

  • These flower stamp is taken from the block of ten copies for sure of thought when saw it at my first slight however have changed my thought later when discovered other stamps almost same likes these not margins on eBay by typing Malaysia flower stamp then search and found many identical of these flower stamps are having color margins without extra face value at bottom exactly likes these showing here possible these stamp is taken out from an unissued sheet of my other thought and hope you get what myself means but most of you are not expert in those foreign stamps for sure and cannot help me to be honest especially these it must be considered new discovery these is reason for these stamps become unique and world rarities for collection and might agree with your comment right for sure there

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    Well then, in that case it must be worth a million dollars! Congratulations! :p

  • You are right and admit for these flower stamp is worth millions fortune

  • Somehow local collectibles likes these is hard to find and fetch very high value

  • Thank you for your participation there

  • Wow! This is interesting indeed. I wonder if it’s a printing error or if it’s deliberately printed this way. I looked for similar stamps on the internet, but did not find anything like this.. you are very lucky!

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    Each column of stamps has the total at the bottom for all the stamps from the left up to and including that column. There are 10 stamps in each column. It's very standard. If you look you can find stamps just like this.
    Example: Delcampe (one of multiple entries for this). The corner block in that link has an asking price of about $4.50.

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